Monday, May 2, 2011

This Post Brought to You by Funnel Cake

Sorry for the hiatus. I got a little overwhelmed and then I got sick. To the point where I dragged my achey body up to rehearsal and Irwin went, "Whoa. Um. You okay?". But I soldiered on! And got better just in time, too, because the SANTA BARBARA FAIR was this weekend. Full of animals and fried food on sticks and carnival rides and did I mention the animals?


Seriously, too cute to be believed.

And then for the championship round (our section was rooting for Sloppy Joe) they brought out a little something extra.

Hurdles! Little piggy hurdles! Of course they kinda became useless when one of the pigs just plowed their way straight through it. But still! Little leaping pigs! It was very cute, and conveniently placed right next to the llamas section.

Other highlights were the swings (flying carousel, basically) and the Starship 3000, which only I had been on before, and none of the people with me (Jak, Kelsey and Garret). It's this big fat metal cylinder with standing up seats and everyone leans against a section of the wall and the tube spins and spins and the floor drops away but the centrifugal force presses you against the wall so you don't fall.

The best part of that ride is watching all the tiny children crawl upside down and over their parents' heads while all the adults can't lift their arms from the wall.

The Zipper was less fun, but it's Garret's favorite ride so I decided to give it a shot.

Never again. It whipped my head back so hard my hair clip shattered against the seat. Kelsey and I wobbled over to sit down, waiting for our brains to unstick from the front of our skulls while Jak and Garret ran over to Foot Loose (the pirate ship thing).

The fair was beginning to close down, and Jak wanted to hit the funnel cake stand on the way out, so we decided to round out the night with the ferris wheel.

Not pictured is the freeway, over the other side of the car.

Oh, Santa Barbara Fair. I will not see you next year (or I might, this was alumni weekend as well, coincidentally, and that could happen again) but you have filled me with so much joy I don't really mind. What a lovely day.

EDIT: just in case you find yourself without anything to do (and my goodness, it's only Monday, get a life) other than watching excessive amounts of The Office, Terry Jones' Medieval Lives kept me thoroughly entertained in my bedridden sick days. What could be better than listening to a former Python talk about how peasants weren't actually a bunch of stupid smelly glorified slaves? Not much, I say.

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  1. City and county and state fairs are the BEST. And thanks for alerting us to Terry Jones mini-series! Cuz we really needed another time sink. :-)