Thursday, June 24, 2010

H-holy Crap

Today was a very good day. It was our first day of staging, and I was going about my normal intern duties when I found out two very interesting things. One: that I was the understudy for Eleanor of Aquitaine. Two: that Kandis had a costume fitting and rather than skipping over her part, I was just gonna stand in. I nearly shat myself.

I don't think I've gushed enough about this company of actors to adequately convey just how incredible this was, not to mention unexpected. I went down, waited for my cue, entered, said the lines, shut down each of my sons one by one, and greeted Henry. It was amazing. I felt like I was a match for anyone else onstage, and I interacted with the entire cast.

God. I've gathered that this was extremely unusual (from Alex, who was all grins and encouragement) so I'm not holding my breath that I'll get to go on again, even in rehearsal. But even so. It was one of those beautiful little, "Oh, yeah" moments. "Oh, yeah. That's why I do this. I'd forgotten."

Good. Day.


  1. Emily, it is so much fun to read this and to feel your excitement. I can't wait to come see Lion and, yes, I do hope Candice is sick that day.

  2. To say I'm pleased for you doesn't quite cover it. I can sense your excitement and it tickles me. Go you.

  3. I love reading yesterday's "Oh, here's an awesome quote from this cool actress playing this awesome part" and then scrolling up to the "Oh, btdubs, I get to be her sometimes". And, yes, your excitement really is evident.


    SUE ME.