Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Just In: Lions Are Badass

Okay, I take back anything I said about being sad about not being a part of the outdoor shows. Lion In Winter is going to be amazing. Just from listening to the first read through and feeling the energy crackling all over the room any time Henry II and Eleanor spoke was incredible--and this was only the first read through. I cannot even imagine where things are going to go from here. I'd forgotten what a beautiful and intense play this was, I can't believe how fortunate I am to get the opportunity to spend so much up-close-and-personal time with it.

I mean, my God. This family. Talk about needing therapy. Just imagine all the international incidents/attempted patricide that could've been avoided if only they'd discovered some basic counseling techniques in 12th century England. But seriously, just look at these guys:

How can you not love these people? I just wish Philip (king of France) was a part of the portrait, not to mention Alais. Then it'd be perfect.

Ooh, we did get our first vague intern assignment: apparently Philip will be entering with lots of luggage, and we three interns will be the ones to cart it all into the castle behind him. Other than that? Who knows.

More auditions tomorrow morning! Interns do our own show on the side: La Ronde, which we'll be rehearsing this summer while we're simultaneously helping out on all the other shows. Our director, Kirsten, wasn't able to come to our auditions today, so has NO clue what to cast us as. Hence: repeat auditions.

It's odd, I've been spending so much time these past few days with my intern class, and we're constantly talking about theater and acting, and I haven't actually seen any of them act. All our work has been in private auditions and our first class together is tomorrow. I don't know why I find that so weird, it's just...so much of what defines the way we interact with each other is our acting, and at this point it's all guesswork as to what people are actually going to be like. Hrmn.

We're all getting along really well, though ("so far", I think, as my deeply embittered self) and after we finished the reading today I went out with the whole Lion cast to an Indian place downtown where we shared stories and recommendations. I geeked out for a bit and broke down the whole Thomas à Becket story to the actor playing Philip and was encouraged to hear a universal love of Slings & Arrows around the table.

Good day. Long day. And now for sleep, so I'm ready for the next one.


  1. Cartoon credit to the most excellent Ms. Kate Beaton.

  2. Or you could just click the picture to get a link to the comic. Mother.

  3. What? Wudahdew?

    Ahem. Yes, well. You're right. Fine. There. FEEL BETTER?