Friday, July 9, 2010


So, for various reasons I've never had a costume that could be classified as "fabulous" in a show. I tend to be cast as either old, the sassy servant, or a man. All these things have conspired against me so I'm more excited than I think I have any right to be about my La Ronde costume.

I was in the costume shop getting fitted for Lion (long, rough black dress with thick lace-up green surcoat and black shit-kicker boots) and started talking to the assistant who was taking my measurements. Turns out she's doing costumes for La Ronde and is very excited about dressing the Actress.

As a side note: I labeled my script with my name and role, and it looks like something out of Eddie Izzard's stand-up bit with Paul's letters to the Corinthians. He says Paul signed them "Paul, brackets, 'Saint'". My script says "Emily McKeown, brackets, 'Actress'".

Anyway, she said they hadn't pulled any costumes yet, so she didn't know what they had to work with, but she wanted to "build" something specifically for the Actress, with lots of bright colors and rich fabrics and torn fishnets. She showed me some of the fabric's she'd looked at, and may I just say? Fabulousness is imminent.

I love that they "build" costumes, by the way. It makes it sound like such an epic undertaking, which it sounds like this might be.

The intern show has a history of being the ugly, red-headed step-child of Shakespeare Santa Cruz -- especially now that everyone's a little tight on funds. In fact, in our first production meeting Kirsten told us to scout our main-stage productions we're Ensembling in for props and costumes to steal when they're done with them.

"We're actors," she said, "we're the descendants of whores and theives. It's in your blood, just don't tell anybody I told you to keep an eye out You know, be subtle."

I'll do my best, Kirsten. Consider it character research.


  1. Okay, wait. In this equation, am I the whore or the thief?

    Never mind. Don't answer that. ;-)

  2. i. love. your. blog.

    and you.

    that is all.

  3. I second Dylan's response and I may also love your ma. Yay, Izzard reference. Yay, you loving what you're doing.